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Our Business Development knowledge and vast experience includes Product Design and Development, internet development, Product marketing and brand building.  Emil Vicale and his team have developed some on the most recognizable Brands, Websites and Products.

Emil Vicale and his team can do the same for you. Weather you are just starting out or have an existing business we have a plan for you.

You can hire us in any capacity you choose, for long term projects or short term projects We are able to develop start initial Product Design and continue thru the entire product development stages all the way thru to full Brand Building and Wide Internet Footprint. Which will include all include full e-marketing including Media Saturation.

Emil Vicale is a Proven Leader and innovator in Product Design and Development and spans all commercial fields, Industrial fields, Military and private concerns. Emil Vicale Continues to Design and Develop products under his own label. Our Services can start from the initial Product Design and continue thru the product engineering stage, complete manufacturing and web development which will include full Brand Building and e-marketing including Media Saturation.

Products and Services Available

Product Design and Development:  Emil Vicale has Products Designed following fields: clothing design, consumer goods, military goods, weapon design, furniture design, website design, mold making, graphic design, interior design, lifestyle design, toy design, medical products, jewelry design.

Prototyping, Rapid Prototypes and 3D Printing

Industrial Design: Industrial Design is a perfect blend of form and function, it is the look and feel of your product the brand that your product will take. Emil Vicale has been designing products for the better part of a quarter century and continues to innovate with perfectly designed products.

Business Development:  Emil's vast knowledge of Product Development from Art to cart has been proven continuously with wide foot print brand successes.  

Build Your  Brand: Compete Brand Development from Product to name Development with a focus on the Brand. Complete with full press and publicity and internet branding.

Internet Development: Complete Internet Development, Including the UpperNet and the Undernet, hidden and out of site the Uppernet and Undernet are the key to internet superiority.

Website Builder: Let Emil Vicale and his team build your on line presence You have a Website, now what? Your website like the other Billion or so websites is just there and will never be visited or looked at, and if you lucky and someone does go to your site they will spend less than 10 seconds on your site. It is like having a store on Mt. Everest, it will never be visited, EVER!

On line Presence

Mass Customization Techniques:

Social Networking:

App Development

Emil Vicale | 198 Good Hill road | Oxford, CT | 06478 | 203-888-0147 | Skype Meetings at emil.vicale |  emil@emilvicale.com


Calling to discuss your needs is step one, from feel free to e-mail, call or schedule a Skype meeting. You will have direct contact with true industry leader with real experience.

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