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Branding is a great process, your company is a brand but so is or can be an individual item. Also a group of items denotes a brand. With proven global successes Emil Vicale can create a new brand or broaden the scope of your existing brand. The brand successes are numerous stating with BBC Design Group. 

  • BBC Design Group a design and development firm.

  • Toybuilders.com which was the first company that focused on mass customization using Rapid prototyping for the toy industry.

  • Herobuilders.com the last American Toy Company. 

  • Black Star OPS:, Black Star Ops voted top 20 Tactical Clothing Sites on the internet CLICK HERE Tactical Shirt | Tactical Dress Shirt| Tactical Gear | Tactical Equipment, Civilian Executive Protection, Tactical Clothing Emil Vicale, Vicale Corporation, Tactical, Tactical


Our Services focus on brand building across the following media:

  • Internet Branding

  • Social Networking

  • I-Stuff Game Brand Development

  • Product Design and Development


Calling to discuss your needs is step one, from feel free to e-mail emil@emilvicale.com or call 203-888-0147. You will have direct contact with true industry leader with real experience. You can also schedule a Skype meeting with at emil.vicale

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