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Business Development:  Emil's vast knowledge of Product Development from Art to cart has been proven continuously with wide foot print brand successes. The brand successes are numerous stating with  BBC Design Group.

  • BBC Design Group a design and development firm.

  • Toybuilders.com which was the first company that focused on mass customization using Rapid prototyping for the toy industry.

  • Herobuilders.com the last American Toy Company. 

  • Black Star OPS: Tactical Shirt | Tactical Dress Shirt| Tactical Gear | Tactical Equipment, Civilian Executive Protection, Tactical Clothing Emil Vicale, Vicale Corporation, Tactical, Tactical

Our knowledge and vast experience in Product Design and Development ,,,internet development and marketing we are able to isolate a market create a new product and brand that off with a wide internet foot print. Something that only the largest companies can do correctly.

Our Services focus on brand building across the following media:

  • Internet Branding

  • Social Networking

  • I-Stuff Game Brand Development

  • Product Design and Development



Calling to discuss your needs is step one, from feel free to e-mail emil@emilvicale.com or call 203-888-0147. You will have direct contact with true industry leader with real experience. You can also schedule a Skype meeting with at emil.vicale

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